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Opportunities to study in the European Union at Jean Monet University in Saint Etienne, France.

Starting date 17.12.2010 | Ending date 16.12.2015 | Download Agreement-Memorandum.pdf (File size 4.71 MB)

The Parties hereby agree to enter into a Partnership agreement for promoting and developing a University cooperation in education and/or a scientific collaboration in research between both institutions. Such collaboration may result in projects and faculty, scholarly, and student exchanges.


We had one position open, with an allowance of 30000 THB for 3 months, in the research project: "Novel Method for Monitoring the Developing of Browning Fruit and Fruit Juice"

The position is now closed. If other positions will be open in the future we will anounce in this section. Applicants will have to submit application with a short CV to or

Work conditions:

There are no restrictions regarding the work schedule except of those imposed by the opening hours of the laboratory (8 a.m. to 9 p.m. during weekdays). The time limit for finishing the assignment is to be announced. Only the quality of work will be considered, not the amount of time spent in the laboratory.

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