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The following applets are powered by CDF technology. CDF stands for Computable Document Format and was launched by the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. If you do not have CDF installed on your system, you can download it from here. Once you click the Applet's name, a new window will open. Disconsider all warning messages, if any, and click "Yes" or "Allow". Read how to use the Applets in the newly opened windows and follow the instructions. On the right side menu of each newly opened browser window you have the choice of downloading the code for free. The code needs "Mathematica" to be viewed and run on your computer. Mathematica is not free software! But CDF is free and can be used for running the codes in interpreter mode on computer. If your internet connection is too slow for running the applets online, download the codes, the CDF player and run the applets on your computer.


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